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More Than a DIY Sushi Kit – It's a Passport to Culinary Exploration, Family Connection, and Creative Discovery.

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Welcome! Let's have fun, learn to make sushi, try new food, and make new friends.

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Family Bonding Time

Bonding Time

Reasons to Roll: Why Sushi-Kitto
is the Perfect Pick for Your Kids!

Culinary Education:

Learn more

Quality Family Bonding:

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Boosts Creativity & Confidence:

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Promotes Healthy Eating:

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Character Development with 'The Pack':

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Boost Creativity

The Kids Zone

Warning: Adult supervision required during rice cooking and roll cutting.
Stickers are not edible.
Candy Cotton

Meet The Pack

The Sushi-Kitto Pack is a delightful ensemble of sushi characters, each bursting with its own unique personality. They will teach you valuable cooking tips and introduce you to the joys of diverse flavors.


Personalize your kit and decorate your world with these six pages filled with wonderful stickers that will allow your Sushi Friends to join you in your adventures.

Warning: Stickers are not edible.

🍣💥 Meet the Sushi Bazooka! Just load it up with rice and your favorite fillings, close it, give it a little push, and POOF—out comes a perfect sushi roll, ready to be wrapped in seaweed. It's like a magic wand but for sushi! So, gear up, little chef, and let the sushi adventures begin!

Sushi Bazooka

What's included in the kit:

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  • Sushi Bazooka. An easy method for perfect rolls

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  • A complete Fun Guide to Sushi-making with recipes, fun facts and more.

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  • Plastic Mat. Roll sushi as a pro. Easy to clean and safe to handle

  • Six Sheets with stickers. Customize the kit and decorate their world
    (stickers are not edible)

  • Training Chopstick. The easiest way to learn.

  • Fun and sturdy tube with a 
    personalization area


Family fun

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Ready to embark on a culinary adventure with your child?

Get him/her their Sushi-Kitto set and make memories one sushi roll at a time!


(plus shipping and handling)
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